The Rise of Sweatshirts as a Fashion Statement

Sweatshirts for Women

The Original sweatshirt that was up until now only kept for lazy Sundays and gyms, has now been refashioned as a fashion statement. There’s no denying that with the Athleisure trend paving way for comfortable clothing, sweatshirts have emerged as a front runner. The humble comfort clothing has been reborn as the fashion accessory that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and couture. The ladies sweatshirts in India have caught on with the trend. But these are no ordinary sweatshirts. They’re a hybrid – they’re satin backed, embroidered, python patterned, paillette-strewn, floral printed and animal print inspired. Here are some sweatshirts that are more than just comfort clothing:

1. Off Shoulder Sweatshirts:
Off shoulders have been all the rage this season. So why leave sweatshirts out of it? Pair a cute off shoulder with black leggings for a classic casual look.  For a dressier ensemble, pair the same with a black pencil skirt or a flared skirt.

2. Floral Prints:
While you shop sweatshirts online in India make sure to check out some floral prints. They’ve been trending all season. Pair them with solid colored bottoms for a vibrant winter look. You can experiment with floral prints like abstract floral or monochrome.

3. Abstract Prints
Nothing says quirky and weird like abstract prints. They are ideal to express individuality and are definite attention grabbers without being too loud. For the hipsters and artistic youngsters abstract prints are ideal for sweatshirt prints. While shopping sweatshirts online in India, choose from sweatshirts that have famous paintings as prints, animal print, or blends between net and print.

4. Netted Sweatshirts
Fun and flirtatious, these netted sweatshirts are absolute must haves. The details can be made using net or georgette and add an element of glamour to these sweatshirts. The net can be used on the sleeves, around the neckline or even around the belly area. Pair these with skirts and choose from jackets for women to wear over the whole ensemble. Finish the look off with boots.

The best thing about these sweatshirts is that you can wear them to work or to parties, all you have to do is wear them with the right makeup. They are the sweet spot between cozy yet sexy. You can feel comfortable, and wear your red lipstick and heels at the same time, while sporting one of these sweatshirts. They’re a lazy girl’s fantasy outfit.

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