Best Ways to Wear Long Dresses in Winter Season

Designer Dresses for Women

Nothing, absolutely nothing beats the look an ensemble reaches when a flowy floral designer dresses for women is paired with a jacket on top. It is the winter staple for work, outings, brunches and even cocktail parties. The possibilities are endless- of the types of dresses you can use and a wide range of jackets or shrugs you can pair them with. Such a wide range of choice makes this a very interesting duo. So we shortlisted some of our favorite all time classics when it comes to dresses for women and some jackets they can be worn with.

Animal or Marine Printed Dresses with Solid Blazer

Animal prints or marine prints give a dress a quirky visual appeal. They’re one trend that you can count on to never go out of style. They’ve been popular for decades and everyone from celebrities to fashion lovers have been caught sporting them. To balance the quirkiness of the prints, wear a solid colored blazer on top.

Ankle length dresses and Leather Jackets

While shopping for designer long dresses online, pick out a dress that goes all the way up to your ankles.  Pair this with a biker jacket and boots to get the most popular look of the season. Celebrities have been caught sporting this look everywhere from the airport to the club. It has also been a popular choice among talk show hosts.

Solid Dresses with Denim Jackets

Solid colored dresses are ideal for work. When at work you can color block the dress with a contrasting blazer and once you leave for a night out in the town, you can simply wear a denim jacket on top of that dress instead.

Last thought

There is no end to designer dresses for women. You can always choose the length and print according to the occasion. But adding a jacket on top adds a whole other dimension of visual appeal. It can make the dress go from ‘casual’ to ‘dressy’ in a second, making it the ideal pick for the girl on the go.

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